Asus ZenBook S Review

Just smartphones have been getting thinner, so have laptops. One of which is the Asus ZenBook S, it’s one of the company’s thinnest laptops.

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Microsoft Surface Go now available in Canada

Microsoft’s latest Surface device, the Surface Go is now available for purchase in Canada & other countries.

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HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

Virtual reality is still in its infancy but over the past couple of years, it has rapidly been increasing in popularity and the technology used in headsets. When Microsoft announced Windows Mixed Reality along with headsets, they are essentially paving the way to bring virtual reality headsets to the masses.

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Microsoft rebrands Beam streaming as Mixer

It’s almost been a year since Microsoft first acquired Beam, a company all about livestreaming and competitors to Twitch, back in August 2016. Then Beam streaming was integrated into the Windows 10 Creators Update to easily stream games to the platform.

Now Microsoft has rebranded Beam as Mixer (its rumored that Beam was having legal issues with bringing their service worldwide).

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