Gear S2 Review: Samsung’s best smartwatch

Samsung introduced their first smartwatch back in the fall of 2013 with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it was meant to be a companion device to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones but it felt short of expectations.

But then six months later, Samsung made a follow-up to the Galaxy Gear with the Gear 2 watch, which was running Samsung’s own Tizen OS instead of Android. The original Galaxy Gear was updated to run Tizen OS around the same time.

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Galaxy S7 Review: On the Edge of perfection

Samsung decided to play it safe this year with the Galaxy S7 by sticking with a similar metal and glass design as 2015’s Galaxy S6 and make only iterative updates to phone while also bringing back features that were last seen on the Galaxy S5 with the waterproof design and the microSD card slot.

That’s not to say that the Galaxy S7 isn’t a great device, it definitely is one of the best Android smartphones you can buy right now. It’s just that Samsung didn’t want to mess with their winning formula all that much.

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