Google’s AR Stickers are now rolling out

Back at their October hardware event, Google showed off AR Stickers which would allow Pixel users bring their favourite characters to life. Google has just announced that AR Stickers are now officially rolling out to Pixel phones.

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Stranger Things renewed for season 3

Netflix has announced they’ll be returning to the Upside Down, as they just announced that Stranger Things will be returning for a third season.

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Stranger Things 2 coming this Halloween [Update: Coming October 27th]

It’s time to stock up on those Eggos, Netflix has released the first teaser for Stranger Things 2, (which is what the second season of the show is going to be called). 

And don’t worry if you haven’t seen the first season, the new trailer doesn’t spoil anything. 

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Netflix Cheating is on the rise around the world

Have you ever started watching a new show on Netflix with your siblings or your significant other, and you watch a few episodes together then you go off on with your day. Then a few days past and you find out that they watched ahead of you and basically finished the whole show.

Netflix calls this “Netflix Cheating” and according to a survey (which Netflix says was done by SurveyMonkey late last year) about half (46%) of couples around the world who watch Netflix together have “cheated” on their significant other.

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