2020 App

Spotify is revamping their home screen

Spotify has announced a redesign for their mobile app’s home screen.

2019 Google Google Home News Spotify Streaming Media

Spotify Premium users in Canada can get a free Google Home Mini

Spotify and Google have announced that starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers (new and existing) in Canada can claim a Google Home Mini.

2019 App News Podcasts Spotify Streaming Media

Spotify gets serious about podcasting by acquiring Anchor and Gimlet Media

Spotify is making big investments into podcasting and it starts with two acquisitions, Anchor and Gimlet Media.

2018 Comics News Spotify Streaming Media

Archie Comics teams up Spotify to launch new motion comics

Archie Comics and Spotify have announced a partnership to turn their comics into a video series.

2017 Acquisitions App Apple News

Apple confirms its acquiring Shazam

Apple announced they’re acquiring the popular song identifying app, Shazam, following a report last week from TechCrunch.

2017 Microsoft News Spotify Streaming Media Xbox

Spotify now available on Xbox One

Spotify has finally made its way to Xbox One after a few leaks, teases and rumours.

2017 Android

Waze partners with Spotify to bring your music along for the ride

Whenever I’m driving, I’m usually either listening to podcasts via Pocket Casts or music I have downloaded in Spotify. And I’m usually using those apps with Google Maps via Android Auto. But there are some people who prefer to use Waze for directions because it uses traffic reports as inputted by other users.

Those Wazers may find themselves constantly switching between their preferred podcast or music app while they’re driving but it’s about to get a bit easier through a new partnership between Waze and Spotify.


Spotify Premium for Family Plan, now available in Canada

Spotify’s Premium for Family plan has been around for some time now and back in May, they dropped the price down to $14.99 per month (partly to compete with Apple Music and Google Play Music All-Access family plans). At that time, the plan was available to all the countries that Spotify is in, not including Canada.