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Sonos ushers in a new ‘Era’ of speakers with the new Era 300 and Era 100

Sonos has taken the wraps off their latest speakers, with the new Era 300 and Era 100.

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Sonos IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame speaker review

When I checked out the SYMFONISK table lamp, I thought it was a great speaker and a good start to IKEA and Sonos’ partnership. And that has continued with the launch of the new SYMFONISK picture frame speaker.

2021 Accessories News Sonos Sonos & IKEA SYMFONISK

IKEA and Sonos refreshes their SYMFONISK table lamp speaker

Following the SYMFONISK picture frame earlier this year, IKEA and Sonos have announced a new version their SYMFONISK table lamp speaker.

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Sonos’ second-gen Beam soundbar now has Dolby Atmos and a higher price

Sonos has unveiled a new version of their affordable soundbar with the Sonos Beam (Gen 2).

2021 Accessories News Smart Home Sonos Sonos & IKEA SYMFONISK

IKEA’s SYMFONISK picture frame is their latest Sonos-powered speaker

IKEA and Sonos are teaming up once again for the new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker.

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Sonos Roam is the company’s latest portable speaker

Following a few leaks, Sonos has officially announced their newest portable speaker the Sonos Roam.

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Sonos’ upcoming portable speaker leaks out

Sonos is in the midst of prepping for their March 9th event and The Verge has gotten an exclusive look at the company’s next Bluetooth speaker.

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Sonos is getting into original content with their Radio service

Sonos has announced a service for its platform called Sonos Radio.

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Sonos IKEA SYMFONISK Table Lamp Speaker review

Swedish furniture maker IKEA has been around for decades and has become known for their affordable products. Meanwhile, Sonos has become known for its premium speakers.

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Sonos Move is the company’s first portable Bluetooth speaker

After a number of leaks, Sonos has officially taken the wraps off their latest product, the Sonos Move.