Google announces the Android Q Beta

Google has announced the first beta of Android Q.

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Google’s AR Stickers are now rolling out

Back at their October hardware event, Google showed off AR Stickers which would allow Pixel users bring their favourite characters to life. Google has just announced that AR Stickers are now officially rolling out to Pixel phones.

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Pixel XL Review: The Best of Google

Google’s Nexus lineup was a great way to show off pure, stock Android. But this year, Google has shifted from partnering with OEMs to make Nexus phones to something that more pure Google, with the introduction of the Pixel phones. Google’s Pixel lineup of devices which started with the Chromebook Pixel combine solid premium hardware with Google’s software.

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Hands-on with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

After numerous leaks, the Pixel and Pixel XL arrived with little fanfare at Google’s October 4th Event. But after going hands-on with both devices at Google’s Toronto event, it’s clear that Google is really pushing the Pixel phones to compete with Apple in the high-end smartphone space.

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