Netflix introduces mobile previews

Netflix has introduced a new feature they’re calling mobile previews. Essentially, they’re short video trailers that are around 30 seconds in length.

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Netflix may introduce a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-like feature

Netflix is rumored to be working on a way to give its viewers a way to control key plot decisions for some of their shows, according to The Daily Mail. It won’t be anything too complex but an example could enable users to make choices that would slightly alter the story like whether or not an inmate in Orange Is The New Black joins a prison gang.

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Netflix Cheating is on the rise around the world

Have you ever started watching a new show on Netflix with your siblings or your significant other, and you watch a few episodes together then you go off on with your day. Then a few days past and you find out that they watched ahead of you and basically finished the whole show.

Netflix calls this “Netflix Cheating” and according to a survey (which Netflix says was done by SurveyMonkey late last year) about half (46%) of couples around the world who watch Netflix together have “cheated” on their significant other.

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