Andy Rubin’s Essential is shutting down

It’s been almost 3 years since Andy Rubin and his company, Essential launched their first device. And now just a few months after announcing their latest project, Essential is shutting down.

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Essential Earphones HD Review

As the smartphone industry starts to move away from the headphone jack and more towards having only USB-C ports on their devices, you’ll be needing some way to listen to music on the go.

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Essential Phone Review

The Essential Phone is probably the most interesting phone I’ve used in a while. It’s the first phone (and product) to come out of Andy Rubin’s (the “father of Android”) new company, Essential but the phone isn’t anything that’s overtly over-the-top.

Update: Shortly after reviewing the Essential Phone, the company dropped the price in Canada from $1,050 CAD to $650 CAD, this review has been updated to reflect that.

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