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Google brings their Motion Stills app to Android

When Google launched Motion Stills on iOS last year, they provided a way to iPhone users to stabilize their Live Photos and then be able to share them with other as looping GIFs.

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Waze partners with Spotify to bring your music along for the ride

Whenever I’m driving, I’m usually either listening to podcasts via Pocket Casts or music I have downloaded in Spotify. And I’m usually using those apps with Google Maps via Android Auto. But there are some people who prefer to use Waze for directions because it uses traffic reports as inputted by other users.

Those Wazers may find themselves constantly switching between their preferred podcast or music app while they’re driving but it’s about to get a bit easier through a new partnership between Waze and Spotify.

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Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts your speech into emojis

Another day, another messaging app by Google but at least this one is somewhat different and was released under Google’s startup incubator, Area 120. The app is called Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger (yes, that’s actually the full name) and it turn your conversations into emojis.