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Manchester by the Sea is now available on Prime Video in Canada

The Academy Award-winning film, Manchester by the Sea is now available on Amazon Prime Video in Canada.

TheĀ Amazon Original Movie won two Academy Awards, Best Actor for Casey Affleck and Best Original Screenplay for Kenneth Lonergan (who is also the director of the film). The film was nominated for a total of six Academy Awards including Best Picture (which lost to La La LandĀ  Moonlight).

2015 April Fools Jokes

April Fools jokes 2015: Roundup

It’s that time of year again, April Fools Day. A day to relax but also be somewhat skeptical about what you see on the internet.

Google is the king of April Fools Day because they do the most jokes/pranks out of all the companies who participate. In case you didn’t know already but Gmail actually launched on April 1st 2004, not as a joke but as an actual service from Google.

Here is a look at the April Fools Jokes by tech companies and sites.

Amazon Dash Button (Update: They’re real and not a joke)


The Amazon Dash button is a small Wi-Fi connected button that can stick to anywhere in your house. Essentially it works just like the 1-click button on Amazon’s site but it’s in real life.

Update (7.29.2015): Amazon has finally released their Dash Buttons and they cost $4.99 each if you are a Prime member. If I was Amazon, if wouldn’t have announced these so close to April Fools Day unless they were actually a joke, which most people thought they were.