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Amazon Prime Day returns July 16th

Amazon has announced that their annual Prime Day will return this year on July 16th.

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Amazon Echo Spot Review

It’s no secret that Amazon wants Alexa everywhere in all shapes and sizes. The newest form that Alexa comes in (at least in Canada) is the Echo Spot. The device is the first (and only) touchscreen Echo devices to makes its way up north and the screen does enhance the overall Alexa experience but the device has few flaws.

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Amazon partners with GM and Volvo to launch in-car delivery

Amazon has expanded their Amazon Key service to in-car deliveries. Previously, Amazon Key allowed for in-home delivery and keyless guest access.

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Amazon partners with Best Buy to sell new Fire TV Edition TVs

Amazon and Best Buy have announced a partnership that would allow Best Buy to sell Fire TV Edition smart TVs to customers in Canada and the US.

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Amazon completes Ring acquisition, drops price of video doorbell to $124.99

Back in February, Amazon announced that they would be acquiring video doorbell maker, Ring for around $1 billion USD. Now that acquisition is complete, they’ve dropped the price of their first-gen video doorbell to just $124.99 CAD ($99 USD).

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Amazon brings the Echo Spot to Canada

Amazon has announced that they’ll be bringing their latest touchscreen Echo device, the Echo Spot to Canada on April 25th.

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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Review

Over the past few years, our homes have been getting smarter, thanks to smart speakers that can be used to control devices in your home using just your voice. Amazon has been dominating the smart speaker market since it first introduced their Echo devices back in November 2014.

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Amazon to acquire video doorbell maker, Ring

According to reports by GeekWire and Reuters, Amazon is in the process of acquiring Ring, the company that makes the Ring video doorbell.

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Grand Prix Driver and the rest of The Tick season one coming to Prime Video

Amazon announced that the second part of season one of their original, The Tick and their new series, Grand Prix Driver are coming to Prime Video in February.

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Amazon Prime Video app now available on Apple TV

Apple and Amazon have just announced the Prime Video app is now officially available for Apple TV in over 100 countries including Canada and the US.