Amazon to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

Amazon announced today, that they will be acquiring Whole Foods Market for approximately $13.7 billion, which is about $42 per share.

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April Fools jokes 2015: Roundup

It’s that time of year again, April Fools Day. A day to relax but also be somewhat skeptical about what you see on the internet.

Google is the king of April Fools Day because they do the most jokes/pranks out of all the companies who participate. In case you didn’t know already but Gmail actually launched on April 1st 2004, not as a joke but as an actual service from Google.

Here is a look at the April Fools Jokes by tech companies and sites.

Amazon Dash Button (Update: They’re real and not a joke)


The Amazon Dash button is a small Wi-Fi connected button that can stick to anywhere in your house. Essentially it works just like the 1-click button on Amazon’s site but it’s in real life.

Update (7.29.2015): Amazon has finally released their Dash Buttons and they cost $4.99 each if you are a Prime member. If I was Amazon, if wouldn’t have announced these so close to April Fools Day unless they were actually a joke, which most people thought they were.

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