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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Review

Nowadays, there is no shortage of Amazon Echo devices that come with a number of features and sometimes at a cost. One of the most recent devices is the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) which is one of the cheapest Echo devices and a vast improvement over the previous version.

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Amazon Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Plus are now available in Canada

After being announced back in November, Amazon’s latest Echo devices, the Echo (2nd Generation), Echo Dot and Echo Plus are now available for purchase in Canada.

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Amazon brings Alexa and Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Plus to Canada

After months of waiting, Amazon has announced that they’ll be bringing Alexa and their Echo devices to Canada.

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Amazon adds multi-room audio to Echo devices

Amazon has announced that Echo users will be able to play their music across multiple devices and rooms.

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Plex adds support for Amazon Alexa

Plex just gets on adding more and more cool features to the platform. They have just announced that they will be adding support for Amazon’s Alexa via a new skill.