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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Review

Over the past few years, our homes have been getting smarter, thanks to smart speakers that can be used to control devices in your home using just your voice. Amazon has been dominating the smart speaker market since it first introduced their Echo devices back in November 2014.

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Amazon Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Plus are now available in Canada

After being announced back in November, Amazon’s latest Echo devices, the Echo (2nd Generation), Echo Dot and Echo Plus are now available for purchase in Canada.

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Amazon brings Alexa and Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Plus to Canada

After months of waiting, Amazon has announced that they’ll be bringing Alexa and their Echo devices to Canada.

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Amazon announces 2nd-gen Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and new Fire TV

Amazon has introduced the latest generation in their Echo family of devices, including an all-new Echo, an Echo Plus smart hub and the Echo Spot.