Gear Sport Review

I’ve always been a big fan of Samsung’s smartwatches, they look great and Tizen works well as a smartwatch OS. Recently, Samsung released the Gear Sport which is almost like a Gear S3 Lite, meaning it’s smaller and is missing features that the Gear S3 has but overall the Gear Sport is a great smartwatch.

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The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will reportedly be shown off at CES 2018

We’re only a few weeks away from 2018 and it seems like Samsung wants to unveil their next flagship phone a bit earlier than usual. According to Venture Beat’s Evan Blass, Samsung will reportedly show off the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at CES 2018 in January.

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Galaxy Note8 Review: A note-worthy sucessor

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has always been about experimentation and taking risks. The first Galaxy Note introduced the idea of a “phablet” while also adding the stylus as a viable input device for a phone. But recent models of the Galaxy Note line have been more about echoing that of the flagship Galaxy S line that experimenting with new form factors.

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Gear Fit2 Pro Review

When I reviewed the Gear Fit2 last year, I called it “Samsung’s best wearable yet” but when Samsung introduced the Gear Fit2 Pro, I was interested to see how Samsung could improve it even more.

After using the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro for a few weeks, I would still say that it is one of the best fitness trackers I’ve used but only with slight improvements.

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