2020 News Roku Siri Streaming Media

Roku’s Streambar is both a soundbar and a streaming player

Roku has announced the Streambar which combines a soundbar and Roku player together.

2020 News Roku TCL TCL 5-Series (2020) TCL 6-Series TCL 6-Series (2020) Televisions

TCL refreshes their Roku TVs for 2020

TCL has announced a refresh to its popular 6-Series Roku TV and introducing their new 5-Series to Canada.

2020 Crave News Roku Streaming Media

Crave is now available on Roku devices

Bell Media has announced that its streaming service Crave is now available on Roku devices.

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Roku OS 9.3 brings improved performance, voice assistant support and more

Roku has announced its latest software update for its streaming players and Roku-powered TV sets.

2019 News Roku Streaming Media

Roku’s 2019 player lineup is smaller, faster and cheaper

Roku has refreshed their streaming player lineup for 2019 with the new Roku Express and Roku Premiere.

2019 News Roku Streaming Media

Roku OS 9.1 brings Guest Mode and Automatic Account Link

Roku has announced new features that will be coming with the Roku OS 9.1 update for their latest streaming players and Roku TVs.

2019 Reviews Roku TCL TCL 6-Series Televisions TV Review

TCL 6-Series (2018) Roku TV Review

It was only a few short years ago when 4K TVs used to cost an arm and a leg to buy but now, they’ve come down in price, even for under $1,000. One of the most talked about 4K TVs is the TCL 6-Series Roku TV, they offer amazing picture quality for a great price.

2018 Reviews Roku Televisions TV Review

Sanyo Roku TV (40-inch) Review

Roku players come in all different shapes and sizes, from the compact size of the Roku Streaming Stick+ to the Roku Premiere and Ultra. But recently, Roku has partnered with TV manufacturers such as Sanyo, Sharp, Hisense and TCL.

2018 Amazon Prime Video Prime Video Roku Streaming Media

Prime Video now available on Roku devices in Canada

Roku has announced that Amazon Prime Video is now available on Roku devices in Canada.

2018 News Roku

Roku announces Roku TV Wireless Speakers

Roku has introduced a new way for Roku TV owners to get premium sound with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers.