L.A. Noire coming to Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch this November

Rockstar Games has announced a remastered version of L.A. Noire for the current generation of consoles.

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Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo has been around for a long time (over 127 years old) but it wasn’t until the early ‘80s, when they started to get into video games, specifically consoles.

Since then, we’ve had the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), then the Super NES, the Nintendo 64, the GameCube, the Wii, the Wii U and now we have the Nintendo Switch.

Each of Nintendo’s console offers something unique and with the Switch, Nintendo is blending the lines between home and portable console. Nintendo is in a league of their own, they’re not necessarily concerned with amazing graphics, they’re more focused on how people play games and making sure people are having fun using their systems.

In my time using the Nintendo Switch, I enjoyed using it with a few minor annoyances, which I’ll get back to.

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