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Google announces their gaming streaming service, Stadia

Google has unveiled “the future of gaming” with their game stream service called Stadia.

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Google’s Project Stream lets you play high-end games in Chrome

Google has announced Project Stream to allows you to stream games straight to your Chrome browser.

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Google Chrome turns 10

This week marks the 10th birthday of Google’s internet browser, Chrome.

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Google Pixelbook Review: A premium Chromebook

When Google introduced the Chromebook Pixel back in 2013, it introduced the world to Google’s Pixel series of devices and that the company was capable of creating their own hardware. Unfortunately, the Chromebook Pixel nor the 2015 version of the laptop never made it to Canada.

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Acer introduces the first Chrome OS tablet, with the Chromebook Tab 10

Acer has announced the first tablet to run Google’s Chrome OS, with the Chromebook Tab 10.