Favourite Apps of 2014

Here are just some of the apps and games that I used most often in 2014. Some are available for just one platform (just Android or just iOS) while some apps are on both or have a web app as well.

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A Comparison of the Top Android Launchers

There are a number of ways that a avid Android user can use to customize their device to their liking. The most common comes in the form of a launcher. Essentially a launcher is a skin that changes the overall look of an Android device. There is a wide-variety of launchers to choose from. The three most popular launchers for Android are Action Launcher, Google Now Launcher and Yahoo Aviate launcher.

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Apple WWDC 2014 Keynote: Everything you need to know

There were quite a few announcements made at Apple’s WWDC Keynote,  they mostly had to do with Apple’s software platforms, iOS and OS X.   iOS 8 was officially announced, which still retains the same look esthetic as the previous version, iOS 7. The same flat design was featured in the most recent version of iOS. Most of the new features were not major overhauls but more improvements to the changes made in iOS 7.

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App of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox, the popular mail client on iOS and later became a part of Dropbox, is now on Android. It has been over a year since Dropbox purchased the app and it is just now being released on Android. A new feature called “auto swipe” allows users to archive an email for now and then will automatically archive any similar emails that may arrive in the future.


The Mailbox Android app works in the same way like the iOS version does. The entire app revolves around swipe-based gestures. If you swipe an email  toward the right, it will archive that email. Next if you were to long swipe an email message to the right, it will send it to the trash instead of archiving it. Then if you to swipe a email to the left, you can snooze an email for later and it will come back to your Mailbox at the time that you choose. Then finally if you long swipe a email message to the left, you add it to a list instead of snoozing it for later.

Mailbox is trying to get people to use the app in order to reach Inbox Zero which means you have no emails in your inbox. Currently the Mailbox for Android app only supports Gmail/Google Apps and iCloud accounts and there are more coming soon.

You can find the link for Mailbox on the Google Play Store below.

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