Motorola’s 2018 lineup leaks out

It seems like Motorola’s phone lineup for 2018 has just leaked out.

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The Lenovo Mirage Solo headset is now official

Google and Lenovo announced the first details of their upcoming Daydream standalone headset, the Mirage Solo as well as a VR180 camera.

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Favourite Apps of 2017

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to start reflecting back and for the annual “best of …” or “favourite things of 2017.”

This post will be mostly focusing on the apps that I used the most this year. Some of which I’ve mentioned in previous posts such as my Favourite Apps of 2016 post.

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Google Pixel 2 XL Review: Almost pixel perfect

When I reviewed the Google Pixel XL last year, I called it “easily the best phone that Google has produced”, but with the Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL this year, they don’t feel like they’re the absolute best, at least in the hardware department but they’re still excellent phones overall.

I’ve been using the Pixel 2 XL for a few weeks, and it’s easily one of the best phones released this year.

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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Review: May the AR be with you

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Star Wars fan but I would consider myself enough of a fan that I’ve bought Star Wars related merch and toys such as a Millennium Falcon canvas print, Funko Pop and even a Sphero BB-8. I’m also a huge fan of technology, so when I heard about Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, it immediately piqued my interests.

Star Wars Jedi Challenges is a phone-based augmented reality experience that allows you to become immersed in the world of Star Wars. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s one of the best augmented reality experiences I’ve tried.

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Google’s AR Stickers are now rolling out

Back at their October hardware event, Google showed off AR Stickers which would allow Pixel users bring their favourite characters to life. Google has just announced that AR Stickers are now officially rolling out to Pixel phones.

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Action Launcher celebrates its fifth birthday

Today, marks the fifth birthday of Action Launcher’s release. In that time, developer Chris Lacy has released 32 major updates for his launcher and has been installed over 5 million times and even won a couple of awards.

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