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Nreal rebrands as XReal and announces their Beam adapter

AR glasses company, Nreal has announced they’ll rebrand themselves as XReal and they also unveiled their  XReal Beam adapter.

“The ‘X’ in XREAL reflects our commitment to the vision of expanding reality, and creating cross-reality experiences. It is also a reminder to ourselves that we need to be extra real when delivering value to customers,” said Peng Jin, co-founder at XREAL.

XReal Beam

The company’s AR glasses will now be known as the XReal Air.

Previously, if you wanted to use the company’s Air glasses, you would need a compatible Android phone but now they’re changing that with their new XReal Beam adapter.

XReal Beam

The XReal Beam is a small box that is the size of an iPod that can take video input and “beam” into the XReal Spatial Display on the Air glasses (basically a 201-inch virtual display).

XReal Beam

The XReal Beam can connect to most smartphones, PC and game consoles via wireless and wired connections.

“Major technological transformations, such as the internet and AR, take time to unravel. I feel that Spatial Display to AR is what email was to the internet, upgrading something people are already familiar with to a whole different level of experience. Going forward, we anticipate 3DoF will become the standard visual experience for smart glasses, and I am excited that XREAL will be the first to offer this experience,” said Peng Jin.

The Beam has a built-in 4870 mAh battery that supports up to three hours of battery life, there are also two USB-C ports so you can charge and use the device.

XReal Beam

You’ll be able to watch YouTube and TikTok via Beam at launch. XReal says support for DRM connects will come in a future update later this year.

The XReal Beam is up for pre-order on June 1st from the company’s website with global availability in late July.

Source: XReal


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