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TCL’s new Q and S Class TVs are now available

Following their unveiling at CES 2023, TCL has officially launched their Q and S-Series TVs.

“TCL has been a top 2 bestselling TV brand in the US for four consecutive years and with the incredible new products we’re launching today, I have no doubt that we’ll maintain that leadership position in the television space. Our focus on the consumer, coupled with our innovation and vertical integration advantages, has proven to be a winning formula for delivering highperformance and high-quality TVs,” said Chris Hamdorf, Senior Vice President, of TCL. Each year we set the bar for the industry as our lineup continues to refine key advancements that we’ve pioneered. With TCL’s immersive extralarge screens and higher resolution content, consumers can replicate the same cinematic field of view found in theatres without worrying about viewing distance. Whether it’s movies, sports, shows, or video games, TCL is poised and motivated to make TVs that will meet everyone’s entertainment needs.

This year, TCL offers two lines, the S Class and the all-new Q Class. All the TVs are running Google TV.

TCL Q Class


The Q Class comes in three models, the Q6, Q7 and QM8. All the Q Class TVs are 4K resolution.

The Q6 offers Quantum Dot display technology, a new Game Accelerator 120 feature that lets you game in 120Hz with VRR.


Stepping up from the Q6 is the Q7, which offers similar specs but a higher peak brightness via the HighBright Pro display. There’s also 5X the number of local dimming zones on the Q7 TVs.

The Q7 has a native 120Hz panel and includes an Accelerator 240 feature that lets you game at 240Hz with VRR.

The top of the chain is the QM8 which uses Mini-LED Ultra, a HighBright Ultra display, 5X more dimming zones, a built-in sub-woofer and Wi-Fi 6.

Pricing for the Q Class is as follows:

Q6 Class

Q7 Class

QM8 Class

  • 65” (65QM850G) – $1,799 CAD ($1,699 USD)
  • 75” (75QM850G) – $2,499 CAD ($2,299 USD)
  • 85” (85QM850G) – CAD TBA ($2,799 USD)
  • 98” (85QM850G) – CAD TBA ($9,999 USD)

TCL has said that their Q Class TVs will be available from Best Buy Canada starting today.

Additional retail availability including will happen in late summer.

TCL S Class


For the more budget-minded TV buyer, there’s TCL’s S Class. The S Class comes in the S3 and S4 lines.

The S3 TVs offer 1080p HD resolution with HDR support and are powered by Roku. There’s also Bluetooth for headphones for private listening.


Meanwhile, the S4 offers 4K resolution, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. There’s also Auto Game Model (ALLM), Bluetooth and 3 HDMI ports.


The S4 TVs also come in Google TV and Roku variants.

The TCL S Class is available now starting from $279 USD. The S4 TVs will be available in screen sizes from 43″ to 85″.

Pricing for the S Class is as follows:

S3 Class

S4 Class

The TVs will be available from Best Buy Canada and in the next few months from

Source: TCL


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One reply on “TCL’s new Q and S Class TVs are now available”

Do we know why the 85” QM8 is available in the US but not in Canada? Even on the TCL website for Canada it only shows the 65”-75” range size. I do hope they release it here too.

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