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TCL unveils their 2023 lineup of TVs and soundbars

At CES 2023, TCL announced their new TVs for this year.

For this year, TCL is doing things a bit differently. In years prior, TCL’s lineup would be divided up into 6, 5, 4 and 3-Series for both their Roku and Android TV models.

But for 2023, TCL is segmenting their new TVs into two families, the S-Series and the all-new Q-Series.

TCL has confirmed that the Q and S-Series would be replacing the old 6, 5, 4 and 3-Series naming convention for their TVs.

“2022 was another successful year for TCL and we are excited to launch even more innovation in the coming months as we look to maintain our hold as the number two selling brand of televisions in the U.S. Our strength in the home theater space and scale as one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers has allowed TCL’s other categories like audio, mobile and home appliances to thrive,” said Mark Zhang, President, TCL North America. “Additionally, our vertical integration and world-first innovations are large drivers to help TCL deliver higher quality, more technology, and the best value for our users as we seek to become America’s preferred consumer electronics brand.”

TCL Q-Series


The all-new Q-Series has a much stronger focus on their QLED models including QLED and also larger screen sizes.

Under the Q-Series, there’s the Q6 which offers Quantum Dot technology, a new Game Accelerator 120 feature that lets you game in 120Hz with VRR. The Q6 will be available in 50 to 75-inch screen sizes.

Next is the Q7 which has similar features to the Q6 but adds a HighBright Pro display that doubles the peak brightness. There’s also Full Array Pro local dimming with 5X the number of dimming zones.


The Q7 has a native 120Hz panel and includes a Accelerator 240 feature that lets you game at 240Hz with VRR. The Q7 will be available in 55 to 85-inch screen sizes.

At the top of the Q-Series is the QM8 which has Mini-LED Ultra that brings a HighBright Ultra display, 5X more dimming zones, a built-in sub-woofer and Wi-Fi 6. The QM8 comes in 65 to 98-inch screen sizes.

The TCL Q-Series TVs will be available later this year.

TCL S-Series


For more affordable options, there’s the S-Series with a few models.

The S3 offers 1080p HD resolution with HDR support. The S3 comes in 32 to 43-inchn screen sizes.

The S4 brings 4K resolution, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The S4 comes in 43 to 85-inch screen sizes.


The TCL S-Series TVs will be coming this year.

TCL Soundbars

TCL Q-Series Soundbar

To go along with their new TVs, TCL also announced matching soundbars.

There’s the new Q6 soundbar that features a elegant cosmetic design and an “enhanced audio feature suite” which includes a bigger subwoofer, separate tweeters and auto room calibration.

TCL S-Series Soundbar

The S4 soundbar brings Dolby Audio, Blueoth and DTS Virtual:X surround sound.

The TCL Q and S series soundbars will be launching sometime later this year.

Source: TCL


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