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Nreal brings PS5, Xbox Series X/S support to their Air AR glasses

Nreal has announced a new update for their Air AR glasses.

When the Nreal Air launched in September in the US, it offered support for the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

Now with the latest firmware update, the Nreal Airs supports the Xbox Series X & S and PS5.

To use your current-gen console with the Nreal Air, you’ll need the Nreal Adapter and connect your console via HDMI.

“AR glasses are a fantastic gaming companion, and serving the gaming community is an important strategy for us,” said Peng Jin, Co-founder of Nreal. “Users can now connect Nreal glasses to the popular gaming devices to enjoy playing games on a 130″ portable HD screen via mirror mode. For users with a compatible Android phone, they can also access Xbox Cloud in AR mode and SteamVR using Wi-Fi streaming, which gives users a 201″ virtual screen that can be fixed spatially via Nreal Air’s 3-DoF tracking capabilities. We are also making good progress with GeForce Now and expect to bring GeForce Now lovers into AR experiences before year end.”

The company has also launched the beta version of their Nebula app for Mac, which lets Mac users have up to three virtual displays at once.

Nreal also announced that an AR version of YouTube is coming to Nreal’s TV app.

“We really appreciate the team at YouTube, who were so supportive of this trial,” said Peng Jin, Co-founder at Nreal. “This beta is a small step to defining spatial entertainment. We still have a lot of ideas to explore in this area, and I hope people will find this first-look experience entertaining and easy to use.”

The Nreal Air are available today from Amazon in the US for $379 USD. The Nreal Adapter will cost $59 USD.

The new firmware update for the Nreal Air should be rolling out soon via the Nebula app.

Source: Nreal


By Sachin Bahal

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