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Quest Pro officially announced

At their Connect 2022 event, Meta officially unveiled their high-end VR headset with the Quest Pro.

“ This… is Meta Quest Pro. It’s the first in our new line of advanced headsets, built to expand what’s possible in VR. It takes what people love about Meta Quest 2 and adds a bunch of new technologies to help you do more in the metaverse. It’s made for collaboration and creativity, and with mixed reality built in, it lets you do things that haven’t been possible before. All in a beautiful design that’s comfortable to wear. Whether you’re looking to work in a new way, or you just want the very best experiences available today… this sets the standard,” said Mark Zuckerberg in a statement.

The Quest Pro features 2 LCD panels that offer a resolution of 1800 x 1920 and a 90Hz max refresh rate.

Meta Quest Pro

The headset features pancake lenses which have a increased pixel density, local dimming and quantum dot technology.

For sensors, the Quest Pro has 10 VR/MR sensors that support 6 Degrees of Freedom via inside-out tracking. The headset also support colour mixed reality passthrough and eye and face tracking.

Meta Quest Pro

There’s also mechanical continuous len spacing that can accommodate an IPD range between 55mm and 75mm.

Meta Quest Pro

Powering the headset is the Qualcomm Snapdragon X42+ platform with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

Meta Quest Pro

There’s also Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6E, integrated speakers and mic, headphone jack and spatial audio support.

For the controllers, the Quest Pro comes with new Quest Touch Pro controllers that have improved haptics, self-tracking for a 360-degree range of motion. Each controller is powered by a Snapdragon 662 chip and there’s also 3 camera sensors.

Meta Quest Pro – Touch Pro Controllers

Battery life is around 1-2 hours depending on the content you’re using. With the include charging dock, you can full charge the headset in 2 hours.

The Quest Pro will be backwards compatible with the existing Quest 2 app catalogue.

Meta also says that the Quest 2 will continue to exist alongside the Quest Pro as there are still lots of content and updates planned for the Quest 2.

Meta is also working with Microsoft to bring Microsoft Team, Microsoft 365 to the Quest Pro.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will also be coming to the Meta Quest Store, so you can stream your Xbox games from the cloud to your Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

The Quest Pro is launching on October 25th for $2,299.99 CAD ($1,499 USD).

In the box, you’ll get the headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers, and a charging dock.

Meta Quest Pro Box Contents

The headset is launching in Canada (Meta Quest Store,, Best Buy Canada), the US (Amazon, Best Buy), the UK (Amazon UK, Argos, Curry’s) and France (FNAC, Boulanger, Amazon France).

Meta will also be offering some accessories for the Quest Pro such as:

Meta Quest Pro Compact Charging Dock – $119 CAD ($79 USD), Ships on October 25th: A two-in-one dock that can charge the headset and Touch Pro controllers.

Meta Quest Pro Compact Charging Dock

Meta Quest Pro Full Light Blocker – $79 CAD ($49 USD), Ships on November 22nd: A full facial interface that blocked any incoming light.

Meta Quest Pro Full Light Blocker

Meta Quest Pro VR Earphones – $79 CAD ($49 USD), Ships on October 25th: These earbuds let you block out background noise for a more immersive experience.

Meta Quest Pro VR Earphones

Meta Quest Pro Carry Case from Incase – $149 CAD ($119 USD), Ships on October 25th: A custom-fit inner shell with interior pockets securely stores your Meta Quest Pro and accessories. A lightweight outer shell provides on-the-go protection.

Meta Quest Pro Carry Case from Incase

Pre-orders for the Quest Pro start today.

Source: Meta


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