2022 Augmented Reality (AR) News

Nreal’s Air AR glasses are now available in the US

Augmented reality glasses company, Nreal has announced the US launch of their Air AR glasses.

The Nreal Air is the company’s second AR glasses, following the launch of the Nreal Light back in 2020.

“AR glasses will likely first emerge into people’s lives as a display technology and then gradually grow into a holistic experience. That is why the thinking behind Nreal Air is very focused on the aesthetics, display quality, and its connectivity with other hardware devices,” said Peng Jin, co-founder of Nreal.

The Air AR glasses are designed to be more consumer-friendly and can be used to consume content anywhere.

Nreal Air

You can connect the Nreal Air to a compatible smartphone (including iPhone via a new adapter) and watch videos or play games on a virtual 201-inch screen.

The AR glasses feature a 46-degree FOV and three Degrees of Freedom head tracking and 3840 x 1080 pixels resolution at 60Hz.

Nreal Air

Other specs include two open-ear speakers, dual mic array, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.

Battery life is around 5 hours of so in the Air Casting mode. The actual glasses don’t have a built-in battery but use power from your connected smartphone.

With the US launch of the Nreal Air, the company is bringing support for iOS with their new Nreal Adapter. This adapter works inconjuction with a HDMI to Lightning dongle to offer screen mirroring from your iPhone.

Nreal Air with Nreal Adapter

The Nreal Adapter will also work with your Nintendo Switch to play on a larger screen.

Nreal is also planning to launch a Mac version of their Nebula AR platform.

Nreal Air

Nebula will also be getting a few new updates including a redesigned AR Space, which is a personal AR portal. Spatial Browser, which is Nreal’s browser for the platform.

Nreal Air – Nebula

In the box, you’ll get the Nreal Air, 3 nosepads, Light Shield, Perscription Lens Frame, USB-C cable, cleaning cloth and a Travel case.

The Nreal Air are available for pre-order today from Amazon in the US for $379 USD. The Nreal Adapter will cost $59 USD.

Source: Nreal


By Sachin Bahal

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