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DJI takes on GoPro again with their Osmo Action 3 camera

For it’s third iteration, DJI has returned to a familiar action camera design with their new Osmo Action 3.

Last year’s DJI Action 2 had a smaller and modular design but the Osmo Action 3 goes back to original design, with a few updates.

DJI Osmo Action 3

“Ever since we released the original Osmo Action in 2019, we have been continuously inspired by the stunning footage captured with it,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI in a press release. “As our users keep pushing further, moving faster, and diving deeper, our mission is to provide a device built to keep up with them. Every new feature made Osmo Action 3 the most reliable, tough, and easy-to-use action camera. We can’t wait to see what our users create when they push their limits with Osmo Action 3.”

DJI Osmo Action 3

With it’s 1/1.7-inch image sensor, the Osmo Action 3 can shoot 4K video up to 120fps. The camera can shoot footage in both landscape and horizontal orientations.

DJI Osmo Action 3

The Osmo Action 3 feature a 1770 mAh battery that can record up to 160 mins of footage. The camera also supports fast charging to get you 0-80% in 18 mins and 0-100% in 50 mins.

DJI Osmo Action 3

There’s also a 155-degree superwide FOV and a improved heat management system that can enable continuous 4K 60fps video recording.

The camera is waterproof up to 16 meters without any additional housing.

DJI Osmo Action 3

To help keep your footage stabilized, there’s RockSteady 3.0 that can eliminate camera shake in all directions.

The camera also features HorizonSteady that builds upon RockSteady but will horizontally correct tilt at any angle.

On the front and back of the Osmo Action 3, you’ll find dual touchscreens and there’s a three-mic stereo recording array.

DJI Osmo Action 3

Other features of the Osmo Action 3 include:

  • Shutter/Record Button & Quick Switch Button offers immediate recording and instant
    mode switching.
  • Quick Switching Between Five Custom Modes gives access to user-created camera
    modes at the touch of a button.
  • Voice Prompt informs users of current modes without needing to unmount the camera.
  • Voice Control recognizes voice commands with a high recognition rate to control the
    camera when hands are busy.
  • InvisiStick for Skiing recognizes and digitally hides the selfie stick in snowsport
  • 1.5m Drop Resistance from Corning Gorilla Glass for the touchscreens and lens cover.
  • Timelapse with low-power consumption, preset for common scenarios (crowds, clouds,
    sunset), and dynamic timelapse video stabilization for smooth exposure and color
    temperature changes.
  • Digital Lens shoots in Standard (Dewarp), Wide, and Ultra-Wide for all shooting modes.
  • Digital Zoom of up to 4x can be adjusted while recording for better image composition.
  • DJI Mic Compatibility via the Type-C port, and external mics via 3.5mm to Type-C cable.
  • Loop Recording for continuous recording and overwriting according to a preset time.

In addition to the camera, DJI is has a few accessories on offer for the Osmo Action 3.

DJI Osmo Action 3 – Multifunctional Battery Case

Some accessories include waterproof case, a Multifunction Battery Case, Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter mount etc.

DJI Osmo Action 3 – Camera + Osmo Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount

The DJI Osmo Action 3 is available today from DJI’s website for $349 CAD ($329 USD) for the standard Combo that includes the camera, one battery, the Osmo Action 3 Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, the Osmo Action 3 Quick-Release Adapter Mount, and the Osmo Flat Adhesive Base.

DJI Osmo Action 3

For $465 CAD ($439 USD), you can get the Adventure Combo that includes the camera, three Osmo Action 3 Extreme Batteries, the Osmo Action 3 Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, two Osmo Action 3 Quick-Release Adapter Mounts, one Osmo Flat Adhesive Base, and the Osmo Action 3 Multifunctional Battery Case.

DJI Osmo Action 3 – Adventure Combo

Source: DJI


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