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Sony’s new LinkBuds S earbuds brings ANC and spatial audio

Sony has unveiled latest earbuds with the new LinkBuds S.

The LinkBuds S are the latest entry in Sony’s LinkBuds Series of audio products.

Like the original, the LinkBuds S are designed with a “Never Off” experience in mind. Meaning that you’ll just put them in your ears and forget they are even there.

Sony LinkBuds S – White

The earbuds are small and lightweight for better comfort. The new ones feature 5mm audio drivers compared to 12mm on the original.

One feature of the LinkBuds S is “Auto Play.” This feature will detect a user’s environment and play your music automatically according to your activity like when walking or after a phone call ends.

Sony LinkBuds S – White

While the original LinkBuds didn’t have noise-cancelling, the LinkBuds S have ANC via Sony’s Integrated Processor V1.

Sony is also partnering with Niantic to utilize audio AR technology and spatial audio when playing Ingress.

“Niantic has a vision of a ‘Real World Metaverse,’ which means adding the AR digital layers onto the real world,” said Archit Bhargava, Director of Product Marketing at Niantic, Inc. “Currently, the AR layers are visual layers, however, we believe that adding a sound layer will create a richer AR experience and it makes the real world more enjoyable and convenient. Sony’s LinkBuds series adds the sound layer without compromising the visual and audio information of the real world. When it is used with the various games offered by Niantic, they can create a richer, more enjoyable gaming experience. Ingress, which is celebrating its tenth milestone this year, is going to have a new feature before the summer. We hope players will enjoy the feature with the LinkBuds series. Also, please stay tuned for the AR experience by the combination of LinkBuds series and our Lightship platform, which is the foundation of Niantic’s game titles, which shall be available soon.”

Voice calls should be good on the LinkBuds S thanks to Precice Voice Pickup Technology.

There’s also a Speak-to-Chat feature and hands-free Google Assistant and Alexa voice control support.

Sony LinkBuds S – White

Battery life on the LinkBuds S is around 6 hours with noise canceling on plus another 14 hours from the charging case. A 5 min charge of the case get you an hour of playtime.

The LinkBuds S come in a few colours, black, white and a Best Buy Exclusive, Ecru colour.

The earbuds are launching on May 20th for $299 CAD ($199 USD).

Source: Sony


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