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Lenovo’s new ThinkBook Plus has a 8-inch second display

At CES 2022, Lenovo has announced a couple of new products including their new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 and ThinkBook 13x Gen 2.

ThinkBook Plus Gen 3


Previous versions of the ThinkBook Plus had offered a secondary display on the laptop’s lid but it was a e-ink display.

On the new Gen 3 version, the laptop has a 8-inch full colour LCD display that’s next to the keyboard. This seems very similar to the ZenScreen on some Asus laptops.


The secondary screen can be used for chat windows, other apps and even mirror of your smartphone.

Beyond the second screen, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 features a 17.3-inch IPS touch display with a 21:10 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution.


Powering the laptop is the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors with up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM, Intel Iris Xe graphics and a 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD.

There’s also a 69Wh battery with RapidCharge support using the included 100W charger.

The body of the laptop is made from aluminum and there’s Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.1.

For ports, there’s one Thunderbolt 4, one USB-C, two USB-A, one HDMI and a audio jack.

The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is set to launch in May 2022, with a starting price of $1,399 USD.

ThinkBook 13x Gen 2


The ThinkBook Plus wasn’t the only ThinkBook announced. The company also announced the ThinkBook 13x Gen 2.

The laptop is just 12.9mm thin and weighs 1.21 kg and made from aluminum.


The touchscreen display on the laptop is a 13.3-inch with a WQXGA resolution.


Powering the laptop is the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors with up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM, Intel Iris Xe graphics and a 2TB M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD.


Ports on the laptop include two Thunderbolt 4 and a headphone jack. There’s also Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6E support.

It features 56Whr battery and the laptop can be wirelessly charged using the ThinkPad Wireless Multi-Device Charging Mat.


The ThinkPad Wireless Multi-Device Charging Mat uses Power by Contact charging (via the alumiumin charging squares) to get up to 65W speeds. There’s also a section of the mat to charge your smartphone at up to 10W.

The ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 and the optional charging mat are launching in April 2022 for $1,099 USD for the laptop and $199 USD for the mat.


By Sachin Bahal

Sachin is the editor-in-chief of TheCanadianTechie, a site he started in 2012 to become the ultimate, independent source for tech enthusiasts or “techies”. He is a versatile writer with a passion for technology and loves to write about gaming, entertainment, tech and more.

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