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Sony announces details about PlayStation VR2

During CES 2022, Sony has peeled back the curtain on their next VR headset, now officially called PlayStation VR2.

PSVR 2 is made to work with the PS5 console and because of that the VR headset’s screen is a 4K OLED display with HDR, 110 FOV, 90 & 120Hz frame rate support and 2000×2040 per eye.

For comparison, the original PSVR had a 1080p OLED display and 960×1080 per eye.

The new headset will feature inside-out tracking for the VR2 Sense controllers via embedded cameras and no need for an external camera.

The headset also features something called Sense Technology that combines eye tracking, headset feedback, 3D audio for even better immersion.

While we don’t know what the new headset will look like, Sony has previously shown off the new controllers.

PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers

The new VR2 Sense controllers features haptic feedback nad adaptive triggers like the DualSense controller for PS5.

To connect the PSVR 2 to your PS5, you’ll just need a single USB-C cable.

In addition to the PSVR 2 specs, Sony also announced an exclusive title from Guerrilla Games and Firespirte is coming to the headset called Horizon Call of the Mountain.

No release date has been announced yet for PlayStation VR2.

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