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Scuf’s Reflex is the first Pro controller for PS5

Gaming accessory maker, Scuf has announced their first customizable controller for the PS5 with the new Reflex series.

“PlayStation fans are an integral part of SCUF’s history,” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR. “They desire speed, durability, comfort, and adaptability and SCUF Reflex delivers them all. Our team has spent months perfecting the design to create the optimal PS5 controller. We’re proud to have created a controller worthy of the PS5 community that equips them with heightened performance on the newest console generation.”

The new controller comes in three versions, Reflex, Relex Pro and Reflex FPS. The controllers are designed for PS5 but also work on PC.

Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller

All three models feature four back paddles on the back of the controller and that are programmable.

Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller

The Reflex and Reflex Pro feature the DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers. Meanwhile the Reflex FPS has no force feedback motors or adaptive triggers but instead comes with triggers that can be adjusted to switch between regular and instant action that replicates a mouse click.

Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller

The Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS feature a high-performance grip for better comfort.

Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller

The Reflex series of controllers will first be available in black with with additional colours launching in the coming months.

Scuf Reflex PS5 Controller

The Scuf Reflex starts at $199 USD, Reflex Pro at $229 USD and Reflex FPS at $259 USD. All three are available now from Scuf’s website.

Source: Scuf


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