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NuraTrue Wireless Earbuds Review

When it comes to true wireless earbuds, how they sound is usually dictated by the company that makes them. But with Australian audio company, Nura’s NuraTrue Wireless Earbuds they are aiming to change that.

Design & Hardware


On the outside, the earbuds look a bit like mini-discs which in turn leaves a bigger surface area for the touch buttons.


To help make sure the earbuds fit, Nura includes four sizes of silicone ear tips along with a pair of foam tips. There are also two pairs of wing attachments for an even more secure fit in your ears.


While using the earbuds, they felt super secure in my ears, especially with the wingtips. The sound quality on the earbuds is fairly good but will depend on your profile settings, which is done via the companion app.


The earbuds also feature a couple of sound features like Immersion Mode which basically adds a bass boost to your hearing profile. There’s also a Social Mode which is another name for an ambient mode, so you can hear things around you.

The charging case for the earbuds isn’t super compact but it does charge via USB-C. I did wish that the case had wireless charging support.

Specs for the earbuds include Active Noise Cancellation, up to 6 hours of listening time and 24 hours additional from the charging case. There’s also Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 sweat resistance, Qualcomm aptX support and Bluetooth QuickSwitch.

The Nura NuraTrue earbuds are available now from the company’s website and for $249 CAD ($199 USD).



To get started with the earbuds, you’ll need the Nura app on Android and iOS. You’ll then be greeted with the setup process.

The app will then ask you to create a profile It first goes through a Fit Test to find the correct ear tip size. The app will then play some beeps to run some tests.

It will then try to learn how you listen to music using the company’s self-learning engine built into the app.

You can have up to three hearing profiles saved in the app and you can also share your profile with other NuraTrue earbuds users via email.


On the main homescreen of the app, you’ll see your current profile with quick shortcuts to Neutral and Personalized modes, Social Mode and Immersion Mode.


Hitting the menu button brings you to device settings for the earbuds such as firmware updates, ANC and changing the touch buttons.


Final Thoughts


Overall, the NuraTrue earbuds sound great and the sound personalization features work well.


  • Sounds great
  • Design is different than other wireless earbuds
  • Sound profile personalization is a unique feature
  • Good ANC
  • Great selection of ear tip sizes for a better fit


  • No wireless charging in the case
  • No fast charging support



By Sachin Bahal

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