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Sonos IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame speaker review

When I checked out the SYMFONISK table lamp, I thought it was a great speaker and a good start to IKEA and Sonos’ partnership. And that has continued with the launch of the new SYMFONISK picture frame speaker.

Design & Hardware

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – White

At first glance of the SYMFONISK picture frame speaker, there’s a good chance that you’d think that this was just a piece of artwork but the power cord dangling from it might be a dead giveaway.

Like other SYMFONISK products, the SYMFONISK picture frame speaker is designed to seamlessly blend with your home. What’s also nice is that the speaker’s front panel can be swapped out for different artwork.

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker

On the left side of the speaker, you’ll find the volume controls and play/pause button. The speaker can be mounted to your wall or on the floor and leaning against the wall.

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – White

Inside the SYMFONISK picture frame speaker are a tweeter and woofer that sounds similar to other SYMFONISK speakers. The sound quality on the speaker is good and can get fairly loud but it might be lacking in bass for some.

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – White

If you have two SYMFONISK picture frame speakers then you can use them as a stereo sound pair and as surrounds for a Sonos Beam or Sonos Arc soundbar.

Similar to other Sonos speakers, this one has Wi-Fi and Ethernet, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect. One thing to note is that the speaker isn’t wireless, so you’ll need a power outlet nearby but the cord is fairly long and can be wrapped up in the compartment at the back of the speaker.

The SYMFONISK picture frame speaker comes in two colours, black and white for $249 CAD. The interchangeable front art panels are $20 CAD each.


Sonos S2 app

The setup process for the SYMFONISK picture frame speaker is fairly easy. Just plug in the speaker and download and open the Sonos app.

Sonos Android App (2021)

From there, you’ll be taken through the setup process of connecting to the internet and updating the firmware if available.

The Sonos app is where you’ll be able to add or create your Sonos speaker system,

Sonos Android App (2021)

The app is divided into five sections, My Sonos, Browse, Rooms, Search and More. My Sonos is where all your favourite songs and services are saved for easy access.

Sonos Android App (2021)

Browse lets you look through all the streaming audio services you’re connected to. Rooms give you access to all your Sonos speakers. Search is self-explanatory and More is where all the settings are.

Sonos Android App (2021)

Final Thoughts

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – White

Overall, the Sonos x IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame speaker is a great addition to the SYMFONISK lineup with its unique design and good sound.


  • Great and unique design for a speaker
  • Easily integrates with existing Sonos systems
  • Apple AirPlay 2 & Spotify Connect support
  • Can get very loud
  • Wall-mountable
  • Swappable front artwork panel


  • No built-in voice controls
  • Can’t get custom artwork for the front panel


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