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Urbanista’s solar-powered Los Angeles wireless headphones are now available

Following their announcement earlier this year, Urbanista has officially launched their self-charging solar-powered, Los Angeles wireless headphones.

Anders Andreen, CEO, comments: “Los Angeles has been a highly anticipated product and an advancement in technology that our industry has been waiting for. We are pleased to announce Urbanista Los Angeles is now shipping worldwide and we are excited to be delivering this ground-breaking technology to the market. It is not often innovations such as this one come along and I am personally looking forward to seeing how our customers enjoy an entirely new way of consuming content on the go.”

Urbanista Los Angeles – Midnight Black

The Urbanista Los Angeles are the first headphones that comes with “virtually unlimited playtime”, thanks to built-in solar charging.

Urbanista Los Angeles – Midnight Black

Meaning if the headphones are exposed to light, both outside and inside, they’ll get charged.

This solar-powered charging is possible thanks to Exeger
Powerfoyle solar cell material.

The headphones do feature a battery reserve that holds up to 80 hours of listening time.

There’s hybrid active noise cancelling with an ambient sound mode, on-ear detection, USB-C charging and Bluetooth 5.0.

The headphones comes in two colours Midnight Black and Sand Gold.

The Urbanista Los Angeles are available now from the company’s website for $199 USD.


By Sachin Bahal

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