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Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) Review

With all the tech we carry these days, like phones, wireless earbuds, it’s hard to overlook something as simple as a wallet. Accessory maker, Nomad has been making leather wallets for a while and they’ve just launched three new ones, with their new Bifold, Card Wallet and Card Wallet Plus options.

I’ve been using their new Bifold Wallet for a few weeks and so far it’s been great.

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

Like Nomad’s other products, the Bifold Wallet is covered in Horween leather that will develop a rugged patina as you use it and over time. You should start to see some development in the leather after 30 days or so.

While the Bifold Wallet can hold 15 cards, it’s closer to 10-12 because there are not actually that many slots on the wallet’s interior. There are four regular card slots with two hidden ones behind them.

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

Realistically, if you have a lot of cards, you’ll be doubling up in those slots. One thing I like about the Bifold Wallet is that it has a card slot on the outside that you can put your most-used card slot in for quick access.

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

The inside of the wallet can fit unfolded bills that are 70mm tall, which should be perfect for at least a couple of them but probably not a stack of them. There’s also a hidden pocket in the bill slot for secure card storage. Each of the slots on the wallet is lined with microfiber.

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

One thing that I missed from my previous wallet and switching to the Bifold Wallet is a coin slot/pocket. If you’re paying with cash, then you’ll need somewhere to put your coins. You can put your coins with the bills but smaller coins will likely fall out of the hole in the bottom of the slot.

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, this wallet isn’t really tech-related” and you’d be correct except for Nomad has a solution for that. For you Apple users that bought an AirTag or two, Nomad will soon be launching a Card for AirTag holder to let you track your wallet.

Nomad Card for AirTag

The Nomad Card for AirTag is set to launch in September with pre-orders available now for $19.95 USD, the regular price will be $24.95 USD.

The other option to tech up your Bifold Wallet is to get a Tile Slim that costs $34.99 CAD for a 1-pack and works on Android and iOS. The Tile Slim’s battery lasts around 3-years and the device is waterproof.

The Nomad Bifold Wallet is available now from the company’s website for $119.95 USD. Their new Card Wallet is $69.95 USD and the Card Wallet Plus is $89.95 USD. All three wallets are available in Black and Rustic Brown leather colour options.

Nomad 2021 Wallet Lineup

Final Thoughts

Nomad Bifold Wallet (2021) – Black

Overall, the Bifold Wallet is a great slim wallet that can fit a good amount of cards and cash and feels like a premium product.


  • Horween leather finish is great
  • Slim design
  • Fits up to 12-15 cards
  • Soon to be AirTag compatible
  • Quick access card slot is helpful


  • Smaller coins will likely fall out of the bill compartment







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