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Elgato’s latest gear is aimed at streamers and content creators

Elgato announced a slew of hardware that is made for content creators and streamers including their first webcam.

“With Elgato’s history of innovation in every aspect of content creation, we knew that our first webcam had to set a new standard in the industry,” said Julian Fest, SVP and GM of Elgato. “Facecam is the culmination of thousands of hours of meticulous engineering, and it comes at a time when more people than ever are looking to build a highly professional setup that can help establish and grow their audiences. Facecam is a blend of premium hardware and advanced software that gives users an intuitive, powerful solution to achieve stunning video quality. Manually tuning a camera to capture the perfect shot has never been easier.”


First off the bat is the Elgato Facecam, which uses a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor with back-illuminated pixel technology, with an f/2.4 24-mm, all-glass Elgato Prime Lens.

The webcam shoots at 1080p60fps and has an adjustable field of view of 82-degrees.

Elgato Facecam

Mounting the Facecam is easy, thanks to the built-in 1/4″ thread. Around the back of the webcam is a USB-C port with a detachable cable.

Elgato Facecam

The Facecam can be controlled using the Camera Hub software that lets you adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, shutter speed, exposure and FOV.

Elgato Facecam

The device works on both Windows and Mac (with macOS 11 and above and Intel and Apple M1 Macs).

The Elgato Facecam is available now for $259 CAD ($199 USD) from the company’s website.

Wave XLR

Alongside the new webcam, Elgato announced the Wave XLR. This lets you plug in your XLR mic to your PC.

Elgato Wave XLR

The front has a multifunctional dial that lets you change input gain and output volume for your headphones. The top has a capacitive mute button, similar to the Wave: 3 mics.

Around the back are the USB-C port, headphone jack and XLR input.

Elgato Wave XLR

You’ll also be able to customize the Wave XLR’s front design with swappable faceplates.

Elgato Wave XLR

The Wave XLR is compatible with the Wave Link software and works on Windows and Mac (macOS 10.15 and up).

The Elgato Wave XLR is available now for $209 CAD ($159 USD) from the company’s website.

Stream Deck MK.2

Next up is the new Stream Desk MK.2. The device has 15 LCD keys that let you activate almost unlimited actions.

Elgato Stream Desk MK.2

So you can do things like mute your mic, control apps, adjust volume etc. It also integrated with Wave Link, Philips Hue, OBS, and a number of sites like Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Elgato Stream Desk MK.2

Just like the Wave XLR, there are swappable faceplates (for $12.99 CAD each) for the new Stream Deck.

The Elgato Stream Desk MK.2 is available now for $199 CAD ($149 USD) from the company’s website.

Wave Mic Arm & Wave Mic Arm LP

Last but not least is new boom arms for the Wave mics.

The Wave Mic Arm uses a traditional suspension boom arm and is 750mm/29.5-inches. It also comes with an extension riser that adds 150mm/5.9-inches.

By contrast, the Wave Mic Arm LP is an all-metal and low-profile boom arm that is designed to sit below shoulder level and under monitors.

Both Wave Mic Arms have a ball head with a 1/4″ screw plus 3/8″-5/8″ adapters and an adjustable clamp mount.

The Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP are available now for $129 CAD ($99 USD) each from Elgato’s website.

Source: Elgato


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