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Microsoft officially announces Windows 11, launching this holiday

Microsoft is turning it up to 11 with the next version of OS, with Windows 11.

The first new change for Windows 11 is the new Start menu and updated Start button. The location of your apps and Start menu is now in the centre of the taskbar, similar to macOS and Chrome OS.

Windows 11 Start Menu

The new Start menu shows your pinned apps, recent files and the option to set it to the left side of the taskbar like previous Windows versions.

Windows 11 – Start Menu Dark Mode

Another feature of Windows 11 is Snap Group Layouts. This basically allows you to keep a set of apps together and open them in just one click.

Windows 11 Snap Groups

Microsoft says that updates in Windows 11 are 40% smaller and more efficient.

Windows 11 Microsoft Teams Intergration

Microsoft Teams is also directly integrated into Windows 11. So you can quickly access your messages in Teams in one click.

Windows 11 – Microsoft Teams

For gaming, Windows 11 supports Auto HDR, which launched on the Xbox Series X and S.

Windows 11 Auto HDR

The Direct Storage API in Windows 11 can have games load assets directly on to your GPU to help speed up load times.

Xbox Game Pass is now directly integrated into Windows 11 via the Xbox app.

Windows 11 – Xbox App

The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster and easier to find all your favourite apps.

Unlike other platforms, Microsoft says that app developers that publish on the Microsoft Store, they’ll be able keep 100% of the revenue. Developers can even use their own payment systems.

Microsoft showed off that Adobe Creative Cloud would be coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

Android apps is also coming to Windows 11 via the Microsoft Store. This is using Intel Bridge technology and the Amazon App Store.

Windows 11 is set to launch this holiday for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs. Below are the minimum requirements to run Windows 11.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

To check if you’re PC meets the requirement for Windows 11, you can download the PC Health Check app.

Windows 11 Devices

The free Windows 11 upgrade will begin this holiday for Windows 10 PCs and continue into 2022.

Source: Microsoft


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