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IKEA’s SYMFONISK picture frame is their latest Sonos-powered speaker

IKEA and Sonos are teaming up once again for the new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker.

“The space saving picture frame speaker is an innovative and adaptable solution merging technology into a beautiful form of wall art”, says Mathias Karlsson, Director of Home Smart at IKEA Canada. “With the arrival of the new picture frame speaker within the IKEA Home Smart product line, we’re enabling consumers to both inspire and enjoy a smarter everyday life at home”.

IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – Black

The SYMFONISK picture frame follows the lamp and bookshelf speakers that the companies launched in 2019.

“We had to make it into an IKEA product and make a speaker that’s more than just a speaker – we want something more at IKEA and bring it into the world of home interiors …. The idea has a strong design identity. It’s very much about personalizing it. The picture and good sound are put into focus,” said Andreas Fredriksson, Designer, IKEA of Sweden.

IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker

The new speaker is aimed to seamlessly blend into your home. The front panel of the speaker can be interchanged, so you can find a piece of artwork that fits.

IKEA SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker

On the left side of the speaker, you’ll find the volume controls and play/pause button.

“Each SYMFONISK speaker combines the Sonos sound experience with IKEA design in surprising new ways, creating products neither company would create alone,” says Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager at Sonos. “Sonos’ acoustic design means the picture frame speaker sounds amazing for such a compact shape, and the Sonos app means it is effortless to set up and effortless to use. This long-term collaboration continues to deliver exciting new ideas that will bring great listening experiences to homes across the globe – we look forward to delivering more unique products together in the future.”

IKEA & Sonos SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker

Since it’s a Sonos speaker, it has Wi-Fi to support AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and controlled via the Sonos app. You’ll also be able to connect it to your existing Sonos system.

You will need a power outlet nearby to plug in the SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker.

The SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker is set to launch on July 15th for $249 CAD and be available in-store and online.

The speaker comes in black or white colour options. The interchangeable front art panels are $20 CAD each.

Source: IKEA


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