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The Philips Hue app gets a visual overhaul with version 4.0

Signify has annoucned a new version of their Philips Hue app, which has been rebuilt from the ground up.

“As world leader in the smart lighting industry, the focus of Philips Hue is to keep improving its products and services with the latest innovations. The millions of users worldwide of the Philips Hue app are at the basis of its new launch. We analyze suggestions and reviews and even co-create with our users via usability studies and beta apps. With the launch of the new Philips Hue app, we set the first milestone in the future of smart lighting. It’s the new Philips Hue experience, and this is just the beginning. We are excited to share more innovations in the rest of the year,” George Yianni
Head of Technology Philips Hue at Signify said.

The new app brings a redesigned Home tab, where you can easily see all your lights and scenes in one view. In the same tab, you can view the Hue scene gallery, which lets you see a collection of scenes created by Signifiy’s designers.

All the Rooms and Zones you’ve created are now within the new Home tab, for even easier access.

If you have multiple bridges, then switching between them is easier, just tap the Bridge icon in the top left of the Home tab.

Routines in the Hue app have not become Automations, so you can set things like turning on lights when you wake up, or have your outdoor Hue lights turn on automatically when you’re near your home’s geo-fence.

For those with a Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, then you’ll be familiar with the Entertainment area setup for the app. Now with the new app, Entertainment areas are shown in a isometric 2.5D view, so you can choose the exact location and height of locations.

Later this summer, Signify will be launching dynamic scenes, which will let you slowly transition through different colours of your lights in a Room or Zone.

The new Phillips Hue app is available now on Android and iOS from their respective app stores.

Source: Signify


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