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LG’s 2021 TVs are now available in Canada

Following their announcement at CES, LG’s 2021 TV lineup is now available in Canada.

“As Canadians spend more time at home, the television has become the entertainment hub for spending time with family,” said Gilles Pereira, Go to Market Manager, Home Entertainment LG Electronics Canada. “Whether they want a big-screen front and centre with surround sound or a sleek design that blends into the room like artwork, LG has the right home entertainment products for everyone and every price point.”

For this year, LG is offering a few TV lineups with different display technologies including OLED, QNED MiniLED and NanoCell.

Powering the 2021 TVs is the Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI processor. The chip uses deep learning to analyze and optimize the content on the screen.

LG webOS 6.0

The new TVs are running LG’s webOS 6.0 which brings a new homescreen and Magic Remote.

LG Magic Remote (2021)


LG OLED C1 (83-inch)

For LG’s OLED TVs, there’s the G1 series which uses the company’s OLED evo technology to bring “improved luminosity for higher brightness, clarity, detail and realism,” in a thin form factor.


The OLED G1 series is just 20mm (0.79 inches) thick and can easily sit flush on any wall. The G1 series comes in 55″, 65″ and 77″ screen sizes.


Each of the new OLEDs has HDMI 2.1 and features like Game Optimizer which helps offer a 1ms response time. There’s also G-Sync Compatibility, FreeSync Premium and VRR.

In addition to the G1 series, there’s the OLED C1 series and is more in line with LG’s typical OLED TVs. The C1 series comes with a  Gallery Mount and available in 48”, 55”, 65”, 77″ and 83” sizes.

Below the C1 series is the A1, which aims to bring OLED picture quality at an affordable price. These models only offer a 60Hz refresh rate. The A1 series comes in 48”, 55” and 65″ screen sizes.

The 2021 LG OLEDs start at $1,999 CAD. You can find purchase links and exact pricing below.

LG OLED G1 series:

LG OLED C1 series:


LG’s QNED MiniLED TV is the newest to the company’s lineup. While QNED MiniLED uses LCD, it has the power that can match an OLED.

LG 2021 QNED MiniLED lineup

The QNED MiniLED comes in both 8K and 4K options and 65”, 75” and 86″ screen sizes. The TVs use 30,000 LEDs and 2,500 dimming blocks for deeper blacks.

The LG QNED MiniLED starts at $2,999 CAD.


LG NanoCell TV Nano99

LG’s NanoCell TVs haven’t changed much for 2021 but they’ve gotten some slight improvements to picture quality.

NanoCell uses “nanoparticles, which filter out dull colours, resulting in lifelike images that draw the viewer deeper into their favourite movies, sports and shows.”

The 2021 NanoCell 4K TVs come in 43″ to 86″ screen sizes and start at $999 CAD for the 50-inch.

You can find purchase links and exact pricing below.

Source: LG Canada


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