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Google’s 2nd Gen Nest Hub uses Soli for sleep tracking

Google has introduced a new version of their Nest Hub smart display that now packs sleep tracking.

The look of the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) hasn’t changed apart from the new colour options. It still offers a 7-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

The body is made from recycled materials and the plastic mechanical parts have 54% recycled post-consumer plastic.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – Charcoal

On the back of the display, you’ll find a mic mute switch and volume controls on the side.

For speakers, Google says the new Nest Hub uses the same audio technology like the Nest Audio. Meaning you’ll get 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub.

Since the new Nest Hub has Soli built-in, you can use Quick Gestures to play/pause music or video by “tapping the air in front of your display.”

The device has a built-in Thread radio, which can enable the new connectivity standard by the Connected Home over IP group, started by Amazon, Google, Apple in association with the Zigbee Alliance.

In addition to motion controls, Soli on the new Nest Hub can be used to tracking sleep. Sleep Sensing on the display uses Motion Sense (powered by Soli) to analyze the person closest to the device and tracks their movement and breathing.

Google says the sensing technology can detect sleep disturbances like coughing and snoring or the light and temperature changes in the room.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – Mist

In the morning, you can then get a sleep summary on the Nest Hub and it also connects to the Google Fit app on Android and iOS.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – Charcoal

The company says that Sleep Sensing is completely optional and has privacy in mind. When Sleep Tracking is on, you’ll see a visual indicator on the display.

All the sleep tracking data is processed on-device, meaning it’s not sent to Google.

The device comes in multiple colours including, Chalk (light grey), Charcoal (dark grey/black), Sand (beige) and Mist (light blue).

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The new Nest Hub is available for pre-order now from the Google Store and other retailers including Best Buy, Costco, Staples and The Source for $129 CAD and starts shipping on March 30th.

Source: Google

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