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Samsung’s Glasses Lite AR concept leaks out

It seems like every big tech company has been dipping their toes into augmented reality devices and now Samsung is getting in on the action.

According to a post by the leaker, WalkingCat on Twitter, Samsung is said to be working on some AR concepts.

Samsung Glasses Lite (Concept)

The first is what’s called the Samsung Glasses Lite. From the video, they look like a blend between the North Focals and Nreal Light. They have a fairly thick design but this is a concept, so we don’t know if this design is final.

The first video shows how the Glasses Lite can be used for gaming by projecting the display in front of you. The glasses are seemingly controlled by a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

There’s also a Dex Display mode, so you can get some work done in AR and you can also make video calls.

Samsung Glasses Lite (Concept)

When you’re not using them as AR glasses, the device has a Sunglasses Mode which tints the lenses when you’re outside.

Samsung Glasses Lite (Concept)

It’s unclear if the Samsung Glasses Lite would be running its own software or be used to project from a Samsung phone or tablet.

The second video has some more conceptual ideas like being able to interact with objects in AR, have Holo Calls and simulate environments.

At this stage, it’s unclear if these ideas will come to fruition as possibly a Galaxy Glasses product or something.

We’ll have to wait and see if Samsung officially announcing anything.

Source: WalkingCat on Twitter


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