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Google teams up with Samsonite for their new Konnect-i Backpack with Jacquard

It’s been a few years since Google introduced their Jacquard first debuted on Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket and it launching on Samsonite’s new Konnect-i Backpacks.

While the Konnect-i might look like ordinary backpacks, the Jacquard technology is in the backpack’s left strap. It features smart fibres that you can swipe and tap to enable different functions.

You could have a left or right swipe to control your music playback or tap for the Google Assistant on your phone. There are also LED lights on the strap and you can customize the gestures from the Jacquard app.

The backpacks are made from 100% polyester with Teflon backing to make it water repellent. The inside compartment can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and there are lots of storage pockets to carry what you need.

The side pocket fits most water bottles and there’s a Smartsleeve that fits over most upright handles like suitcases.

The Konnect-i comes in two options, a standard version for $300 CAD ($219 USD) and a slim version for $270 CAD ($199 USD).

The backpacks are available now from Samsonite’s website in Canada and the US.

Source: Google


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