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Google’s upcoming Nest speaker leaks out

Like clockwork, Google’s upcoming products have leaked and this time it’s a new Nest smart speaker.

The speaker was recently certified by the FCC in the US and Android TV Guide found some pictures of the upcoming speaker leaked out at the Japanese Wireless standard (similar to the FCC).

As seen in the pictures, the speaker takes styling cues from Google’s Nest Mini with a fabric exterior and mic mute switch.

Even the power connector is similar to the one found on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max displays.

A previous exclusive report from 9to5Google said that this new Nest speaker is the successor to the original Google Home from 2016. It is said to offer similar sound quality to a Sonos One speaker.

Just a few pictures after most major tech outlets reported on the pictures, Google has sent an official picture of the new Nest speaker along with a short video.

The video shows that the new Nest speaker could also be portable via a built-in battery similar to a Sonos Move. Also shown is being able to use the speaker in a stereo pair like the Google Home Max and original Google Home.

The new Nest speaker will available in a few colours including blue, greenish-grey and a pink-ish option. Presumably, there will also be a Charcoal option like past Nest speakers.

Google hasn’t released more details more about the new Nest speaker but we’re bound to hear something between now and Google’s Made By Google event in October (which has yet to be confirmed for this year).

Source: 9to5Google


By Sachin Bahal

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