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Moft’s new Carry Sleeve is both a laptop stand and a case

Accessory maker, Moft is back again with another crowdfunding campaign, this time with their new Moft Carry Sleeve.

“It’s the go-to gadget for short-distance commuting between spots like offices and cafes,” said Julianna He, Founder and CEO of MOFT. “There are already laptop sleeves out there, bulky and heavy with too many redundant accessories carried. So what we did is to integrate the features we need and make it space-saving and more convenient.”

The new Carry Sleeve combines the functionality of their previous Laptop Stand with a laptop sleeve.

Julianna He continued: “We rethought it with a foldable design and elastic material so that it can be more lightweight, organize more, and boost individuals’ productivity without taking any assisting gadgets.

The Carry Sleeve has two angles to choose from when using it as a stand, 15° and 25°. The sleeve is made from high-quality scratch-proof PU material and comes with an isolated name-card slot. 

The Moft Carry Sleeve is able to fit a 13-inch laptop as well as smaller accessories like a charger, phone, notepads etc. In stand mode, it holds up to 10 Kg and works with most laptops.

The sleeve comes three sizes, 13″, 13.3″ and 16″ as well as a number of colours including Night Black, Sienna Brown, Oxford Blue and Classic Nude.

The Moft Carry Sleeve is launching today on Indiegogo with a super early bird price of $44 USD. You can see the reward levels below.

The company is also offering its previous products such as:

After the crowdfunding campaign, the sleeve will retail for $59 USD. The Moft Carry Sleeve ships worldwide and will begin shipping to backers in August (barring any delays).

Source: Moft


By Sachin Bahal

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