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Google’s Android TV dongle leaks out

In an exclusive from XDA Developers, they’ve obtained renders of an upcoming Android TV-powered dongle from Google.

The device codenamed, “Sabrina” has a design that takes inspiration from the current-gen Chromecast with a rounded look and black, white and light pink-ish colour options.

Source: XDA

Unlike the Chromecast, the “Sabrina” dongle would run Android TV to help Google compete with the likes of the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

Source: XDA

The dongle would also bring a new version of Android TV that puts an emphasis on content similar to Amazon’s Fire TV UI with a menu on the top for Search, For you, Movies, TV, Live, Apps and My Library.

The new UI will also have deeper integration with the Google Assistant and show alerts form Google Nest video cameras and doorbells like on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Source: XDA

There’s also the possibility that Google rebranded Android TV as Google TV (which is not the first time they’ve used this name) with this UI refresh. XDA also adds that the dongle supports Dolby Vision meaning it can stream content in 4K resolution.

Previous reports from 9to5Google and Protocol have indicated that the “Sabrina” dongle will be sold under the company’s Google Nest branding like their Nest Mini and other smart home devices.

Sources told Protocol that the “Sabrina” Android TV dongle could be priced under $80 USD ($90 CAD). For comparison, both the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Fire TV Stick 4K go for $69.99 CAD ($49.99 USD) and the Nvidia Shield TV is $199 CAD ($149 USD).

Source: XDA

The remote for the dongle is a cross between a Daydream View remote and the Apple TV 4K‘s remote with a circular arrow key area, back button, Google Assistant button, home, star/favourites, play/pause and mute.

Source: XDA

While only part of the remote is seen, it is possible the dongle’s remote has volume up/down buttons as well as shortcut buttons to apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ similar to the Roku or Shield TV remotes.

XDA says they expect the device to be revealed in the next few months but the announcement could be delayed just as the Pixel 4a’s announcement has (which was set for May, then June and most recently July).

There is the possibility we see Google announce it in October alongside the Pixel 5 & Pixel 5 XL.

Source: XDA Developers


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