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HP announces their ‘Next-Gen’ VR headset, the Reverb G2

HP alongside Valve and Microsoft has announced an updated version of their headset with the Reverb G2.

“The power of collaboration is on full display with the HP Reverb G2, and alongside Valve and Microsoft, we engineered a no-compromises VR headset that’s immersive, comfortable, and compatible across Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR,” said Spike Huang, vice president and global lead of VR, HP Inc. “The time is now for VR and the HP Reverb G2 brings high-quality VR to the masses with more immersion for gamers, interactive experiences for creators, increased engagement for collaboration, and higher retention rates for education and training.”

HP Reverb G2 Headset

The HP Reverb G2 is murafree with 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye. For maximum comfort, HP has increased the cushion size and lenses on the Reverb G2, so the headset feels like a custom fit with each user.

HP Reverb G2 Headset

“We’re happy to see the expansion of the VR ecosystem in a way that is great for high-fidelity gaming,” said Jeremy Selan, at Valve. “Providing customers with another quality option that includes some of Valve’s technology is good news for the VR community and we are happy to support that.”

HP Reverb G2 Controllers

The headset has 10mm speakers for each ear with support for Microsoft spatial audio, the speakers can be removed. The controllers for the Reverb G2 have a new optimized button layout and better game compatibility and Bluetooth support.

HP Reverb G2 Headset

The 4-camera tracking system in the Reverb G2 helps enabled 1.4X more movement to capture and maintain 6 DOF without the need for external sensors.

HP Reverb G2 Headset

“The HP Reverb G2 is an exciting device that takes advantage of the inside-out tracking technology in Windows Mixed Reality for full six-degrees-of-freedom movement and spatial audio,” said Mark Bolas, partner director of incubation at Microsoft. “With four cameras, the controller tracking feels even more like an extension of your hands, making the sense of immersion that much stronger.”

The Reverb G2 is compatible with both Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR with an easy plug and play experience.

The HP Reverb G2 is set to launch in the US and Canada in September 2020 for around $849-899 CAD ($599 USD).

Pre-orders for the Reverb G2 are available now in the US from and the SteamVR site.

Source: HP


By Sachin Bahal

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11 replies on “HP announces their ‘Next-Gen’ VR headset, the Reverb G2”

Set to launch, sure, but what about the preorder? The HP site says it will only ship to US.

Will it be through HP Canada or a selling partner, like CDW? Rumour has It’s CDW and they are listing the G2 for almost $1200.00. Not a good look!!

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