For those with an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X, there’s no shortage of accessories from headsets to controllers all the way to hard drives and more.

Below are some of our picks for great accessories for your Xbox One console.

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SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X has received lots of critical praise, it has Xbox Wireless build-in so no cable or dongle required to connect to your Xbox. There’s also Bluetooth on board to let you connect the headset to your smartphone.

The ClearCast microphone has a bidirectional design and noise cancellation, so your voice sounds clear when chatting. The mic can also retract into the headset when not in use and the headset supports Windows Sonic.

Battery life is around 20 hours, the only real downside to the headset is the band. It uses a premium woven ski goggle fabric but I’d rather have a proper adjustable headband.

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X for Xbox One is available now from the Microsoft Store and the company’s website for $259 CAD ($199 USD).

Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One

The Nari Ultimate is Razer’s latest headset for Xbox One. One of the standout features of the headset is HyperSense haptic technology. Basically, the headset will vibrate in a similar way to your controller vibrating. If you’re not a fan of the HyperSense, you can turn it off and also adjust the intensity of it.

The headset uses a unibody aluminum frame, cooling gel-infused cushion for long gaming sessions, swivel design and a retractable microphone. It also supports Windows Sonic.

Battery life is around 6 hours with HyperSense and 20 hours with HyperSense off and you connect to your console using Xbox Wireless.

The Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One is available now for $269 CAD from Razer’s website.

Lucidsound LS35X

The Lucidsound LS35X has custom-tuned 50mm speakers, memory foam with cooling gel in a lightweight metal frame. The earpads can easily be swapped and the microphone can be detached.

Battery life for the headset is around 15 hours and it uses Xbox Wireless. To control the game and chat volume, each side of the headset has volume rings on the outside of the headset. There’s also support for Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for headphones.

The Lucidsound LS35X is available now for $235 CAD from the company’s website and the Microsoft Store. It comes in black and rose gold colour options.

Controllers & Remotes

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

For those wanting an upgrade to their standard Xbox controller, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 could be what you’re looking for.

The controller is a follow up to the Elite controller from 2015, the new one has a similar design with some noticeable changes. The back and the front of the controller grips have a rubberized texture for a better grip.

You can save up to 3 custom profiles, there’s also Bluetooth build-in to use with Windows PCs and phones. The best part of the controller is how it can be customized, with the trigger adjustments and thumbsticks tension. There are a USB-C port and a rechargeable battery that should last around 40 hours.

The controller comes with multiple thumbsticks, D-Pads that can be swapped out, a charging dock, braided USB-C cable and carrying case.

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is available now for $229 CAD from the Microsoft Store,, EB Games and Best Buy Canada.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

If you’re a gamer that has limited mobility or has issues using a traditional Xbox controller, Microsoft has come up with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The controller has two large programmable buttons, D-pad, Xbox View, Menu and Profile buttons as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, 19 3.5mm jacks for external buttons, thumbsticks and triggers and USB ports for left and right thumbstick inputs. There’s also a USB-C port and DC port for power.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. There’s also a wide range of external buttons (such as the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit) that connect to the Adaptive Controller but those are sold separately.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available now from the Microsoft Store for $129 CAD ($99 USD).

Logitech Harmony Elite

One of the best parts of the Xbox One is that its not only a great game console but it’s perfect for watching movies and TV shows on a number of services including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Crave and also play Blu-ray movies.

While a regular controller works well enough, a great option is Logitech’s Harmony Elite remote. The Harmony line has been around for a while and the Elite remote can be used to control more than 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices from Roku, Apple TV, Hue, Xbox and many more.

The top part of the remote has a touchscreen that lets you choose which device you want to control. The rest of the remote has traditional buttons like play/pause, skip, arrow keys etc. There’s even shortcut buttons to program different functions like setting your Hue lights to a specific colour etc.

The remote comes with the Harmony Hub which connects over Wi-FI and talks to your devices. You can also use the Harmony Elite app with the Harmony Hub to control your devices.

One downside to the Harmony Elite is that it can sometimes take some time to update the remote with a new service or device.

The Harmony Elite does come at a high price tag at around $399 CAD but you can usually find it discounted for around $300 CAD. For that price, you could get another Xbox One console.

It’s available from Logitech’s website, Best Buy Canada and

PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

A cheaper option to the Harmony Elite is the PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One. The remote uses two AAA batteries and has all the same controls as an Xbox One controller with the Xbox button, A, B, X, Y plus media and volume controls.

The remote has a soft-touch finish and motion-activated backlit buttons.

The PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One is available now from the company’s website and for $29.99 CAD ($19.99 USD).

Razer Turret Keyboard and Mouse

In the past few years, Microsoft has added keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. The Turret has Razer’s Mechanical Switches and the mouse uses the company’s 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with 16,000 DPI.

There is a dedicated Xbox guide button on the Turret and the entire thing has quite a bit of heft to it.

The Turret supports Xbox Dynamic Lighting and Razer Chroma. In terms of battery life, the Turret mouse lasts up to 50 hours with lighting disabled and 30 hours with default lighting on.

The Turret keyboard lasts up to 43 hours with lighting off and 11 hours with it on. The Turret has a slideout metal mousepad to use the device on your lap or on your couch. The Turret keyboard charges over USB-C while the mouse uses microUSB, it would have been great if both were USB-C.

Some of the Xbox One games that support mouse and keyboard include Fortnite, Minecraft, Gears 5, The Sims 4 and more.

The Razer Turret for Xbox One is available now from the Microsoft Store for $349 CAD.


WD_Black P10 or D10 hard drive

WD_Black P10 for Xbox One

If you’re someone that has quite a few games in their library downloaded, then you’ll find your Xbox’s 1TB hard drive will fill up quickly since games these days can easily be 100GB in size (such as Red Dead Redemption 2).

Western Digital has a few options under its WD_Black series. The D10 Game Drive is their desktop hard drive for the Xbox One. It comes with 12TB of space and transfer speeds of up to 250 MB/s on the 7200 RPM hard drive. There are also two USB-A ports on the D10 for charging accessories.

WD_Black D10 for Xbox One

WD also has a more traditional external hard drive with its P10 Game Drive. It comes in 1TB,3TB, 5TB sizes and offers transfer speeds of up to 140 MB/s.

The WD_Black P10 and D10 are available now from the Microsoft Store and WD’s website. The P10 cost $85 CAD for the 1TB and $150 CAD for the 3TB. The D10 costs $399 CAD and only comes in 12TB.

Seagate Game Drives

A slightly cheaper alternative to WD’s Xbox drives is Seagate’s Game Drives for Xbox One. The company has a 4TB Game Drive for around $160-165 CAD or a Gears 5 Special Edition 2TB Game Drive for around $129 CAD.

Seagate’s Game Drives are available now from the Microsoft Store and Best Buy Canada.

Other Accessories

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable batteries

While the Xbox controllers use AA batteries, you’ll soon find out that they don’t last long. That’s why is worth looking into some rechargeable batteries like Panasonic’s Eneloop.

The standard Panasonic Eneloop AA has 2000 mAh capacity and lasts up to 2100 charges. Charging time is around 7 hours and they’ll hold up to 70% charge after 10 years.

The Panasonic Eneloop AA batteries cost $38 CAD from for the batteries and charger. There’s also a pack that includes four AA batteries, two AAA and the charger for $40 CAD.

An 8-pack of AAA Eneloop batteries costs $34 CAD and works great with the PDP Talon Remote mentioned earlier.

Panasonic also offers a bigger capacity called Eneloop Pro which has a 2550 mAh capacity but doesn’t last as long because it can only be recharged up to 500 times and hold 85% capacity after a year. The Eneloop Pro costs $82 CAD for the charger and AA batteries.

PowerA Charging Station for Xbox One

If you’d rather not uses Eneloops, PowerA offers its Charging Station. It comes with 2 universal battery doors, 2 rechargeable battery packs.

You can charge up to two controllers at once and PowerA sells the battery packs if you need more for additional controllers.

The PowerA Charging Station for Xbox One is available now from the company’s website for $29.99 USD or for $35 CAD.

Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10

If you’re someone that games on Xbox One and also PC, then you’ll want the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. It allows you to wirelessly connect your controller to your Windows 10 PC.

You can connect up to 8 controllers and it also works great to connect your Xbox headset to your PC, if it doesn’t have Bluetooth.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 is available now from the Microsoft Store and Best Buy Canada for $29.99 CAD.

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox

With Microsoft’s push for streaming Xbox games to your phone, you’ll need a good clip to attach your controller and your phone. PowerA offers an option with its Xbox One Mobile Gaming Clip.

The clip easily snaps on to your Xbox controller and can help keep your phone secure when using Project xCloud. There are two points of articulation up to 220-degrees.

The PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox is available from the Microsoft Store for $19.99 CAD ($14.99 USD).

There’s also a whole bunch of cheaper game clips available on that vary in price.

Smart Speaker

Back in 2018, Microsoft added support to control your Xbox One using Amazon Alexa. Then in 2019, they added support for Google Assistant voice control of your Xbox One.

You can use your voice assistant of choice to launch games, turn on/off, play/pause videos, adjust volume and more on your Xbox One.

Learn more about how to control your Xbox One with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

If you don’t already have a Google/Nest Home or Amazon Echo speaker, there are a few options.

The cheapest option is the Amazon Echo Dot and the Nest Mini (formerly called Google Home Mini). The Echo Dot goes for around $69.99 CAD but usually on sale for under $50 CAD. The device is available from and Best Buy Canada.

Heather Grey

The Nest Mini is also $69.99 CAD but typically goes on sale for $50 CAD or less, sometimes as low as $35 CAD. The speaker is available from the Google Store and Best Buy Canada. A cheaper option is the Google Home Mini (which came out in 2017) and goes for $39 CAD.

One step up would be the standard Echo (3rd Gen) and Google Home. The Echo retails for $99 CAD while the Google Home is $129 CAD but can go on sale for under $100 CAD.

The Echo (3rd Gen) is available from and Best Buy Canada. The Google Home is available from the Google Store and Best Buy Canada.

If you want a smart speaker with a bit more powerful sound, Google and Amazon have you covered.

Amazon Echo Studio

On the Alexa side, there’s the Echo Studio which has 5 speakers to create deep bass, dynamic range, crisp highs and Dolby Atmos. The Echo Studio costs $259 CAD and is available from and Best Buy Canada.

Google Home Max

Google has their Home Max, which has dual 4.5-inch woofers and 2 crystal-clear tweeters that can get really loud. The Google Home Max costs $399 CAD but sometimes goes on sale for $299 CAD. The speaker is available from the Google Store and Best Buy Canada.

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