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TCL 8K Roku TV to officially launch later this year

Back at CES 2019, TCL announced plans to release the first 8K Roku TV sets and now the company says their 8K TV will officially launch this year.

TCL 8K Roku TV

Please Note: This is not actually TCL’s 8K Roku but their 8K QLED TV

TCL has also joined the likes of Samsung in the founding of the 8K Association. This group will help certify 8K TVs to better help consumers.

“Since day one in the North American market, it has been our focus for TCL to become one of the most popular TV brands by applying the advantages of a global, vertically integrated company and 2019 brought significant wins for our business. We opened the world’s most advanced Gen 11 panel
production facility and according to NPD, in just five short years, TCL jumped from zero to the number two selling brand of television overall in the United States,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “But beyond our strengths as a television brand, TCL has found great success in other categories and we’re excited to build on those as well. With new headphones, soundbars, mobile phones and home appliances, TCL continues to deliver cutting-edge technology and sell millions of products that promise the best innovation, experience and performance for consumers.”

TCL 8-Series (from 2019)

Just like past TCL Roku TVs, the new 8K TCL Roku TV will run Roku OS and use its Easy Voice Control via the voice remote or smart speakers.

TCL 8-Series (from 2019)

The 8K TCL Roku TV will have HDMI 2.1 ports which add HDMI eARC technology to help improve how the TV interacts with soundbars and AV receivers.

The company hasn’t given a release date for when their 8K TCL Roku TV will launch this year.

In addition, TCL announced they are partnering THX to bring the THX Certified Game Mode to their TVs. The mode helps deliver fast response time and more optimal viewing experience in 4K HDR resolution.

The first TCL TVs with the dedicated THX Certified Game Mode is set to launch later this year in North America.

TCL Alto 9+ Soundbar

Beyond the new TVs, TCL also announced its Alto 9+ soundbar. It offers 3.1 channel sound and supports Dolby Atmos and RAY·DANZ technology, which should help provide a more immersive experience.

The Alto 9+ Soundbar is also Roku TV Ready certified, meaning that it will automatically configure itself when connected to a Roku TV (like many of TCL’s TVs) and then be controlled using the Roku TV remote.

The Alto 9+ soundbar is set to ship later this year but no pricing or release date was given.

Source: TCL


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You’re welcome, happy to help, I’m also excited to get me hands on the 8-series and their 8K TV

If I had to guess, I feel like TCL might announce something in June/July and release in October/November, that’s the same time frame they used for their TCL 3, 4 and 6 series TVs launch in Canada back in 2018

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