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TCL shows off their new TCL-branded smartphones at CES 2020

At CES 2020, TCL Communication has announced the all-new TCL 10-Series of smartphones.

“2020 will prove to be a critical year in the evolution of TCL’s business, not just as a mobile device manufacturer, but also as China’s only end-to-end global consumer electronics brand,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings. “Our TCL-branded smartphones and mobile devices will be an important focal point for the larger TCL ecosystem moving forward, and with these powerful and accessible devices coming this year, we feel TCL is well-prepared to compete in any market around the world.”

TCL 10 Series

TCL 10 Pro

TCL is no stranger to smartphones, they have their Alcatel brand and currently make phones under license for BlackBerry Mobile and Palm.

There are three phones in the TCL 10-Series, the 10L, 10 Pro and 10 5G. The TCL 10 5G will use a 5G variant of the latest Snapdragon 700 series.

Each of the phones has a quad-camera lens setup with TCL-made displays.

The TCL 10 Pro will use the company’s edge AMOLED display which should help with a better multimedia experience.

“The 2020 TCL smartphone lineup is our most ambitious effort yet to bring beautifully crafted, modern smartphones to the masses while keeping our devices accessibly priced,” said Shane Lee, General Manager, Global Product Center at TCL Communication. “With each of these new devices, we focused on creating a complete smartphone experience capable of meeting the everyday needs of our customers, while delivering on the quality and value consumers have come to expect from TCL.”

The TCL 10 Series of smartphones is set to release in Q2 2020 in the US and Canada, and start at $500 USD.

TCL will announce more details about the 10 Series on February 22, 2020, during MWC 2020.

TCL LinkHub Wi-Fi Mesh AC1200

Alongside their new smartphones, TCL announced their LinkHub Wi-Fi Mesh AC1200.

The LinkHub Mesh Wi-Fi can work with your existing router and extend your Wi-Fi range further. A set of three Mesh routers covers up to 5,300 sqft and up to 90 devices.

“The latest LINKHUB and MOVETRACK products introduced at CES perfectly fit today’s intelligent lifestyle,” said Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing at TCL Communication. “While the two LINKHUB Wi-Fi devices provide leading-edge networking products for homes and
small offices, MOVETRACK Pet Tracker allows pet owners to track their pets via GPS directly from their phones. Customer needs have been central to the entire product development process from start to finish.”

The router also supports Alexa voice controls, so you can adjust your Wi-Fi with your voice.

The TCL LinkHub Wi-Fi Mesh AC1200 is set to launch in Q2 in the US, China, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa for $199 USD.

TCL LinkHub Wi-Fi Router AC1200

The TCL LinkHub Wi-Fi Router AC1200 supports up to 1200 sqft and up to 64 devices. It uses MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology and is dual-band.

The router is set to launch in China, Asia Pacific and Latin America starting at $49 USD.


By Sachin Bahal

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